Maintenance, repair,
and refurbishment

of machine tools


Preventive maintenance

Maintain your machinery and ensure reliable, high-quality production

Quick troubleshooting and support

Quick support in case of malfunction

Inspection and commissioning

Accurate and reliable

Mechanical and electronic

Retrofit – offer your machines a new lease of life

Transfer and turnkey recommissioning

Relocate your machine from A to B

Ensure compliance
with security standards

For safe machinery that complies with security standards


Welcome to Azteque Maintenance Machines-Outils

As a specialist for the maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of machine tools, AZTEQUE Maintenance Machines-Outils offers all-round maintenance for your machine tools. Our team of readily available technical experts helps you prevent unnecessary, costly, and time-consuming downtime.

With extensive experience in traditional and numerical control machine tools, we specialize in identifying and eliminating potential sources of downtime long before they become acute. In this field we focus on maintenance, servicing, and repair.

Our capacity to implement state-of-the-art technologies is another pillar of our activities. We are also at your service if you wish to modernize your machinery with next-generation products.

AZTEQUE was founded in 1992 by four machine tool technicians. Since then, the company has continuously enhanced its expertise and strengthened its position at the regional, national, and international levels. Today, we have 13 employees, mostly technicians, with extensive knowledge and experience in complementary fields such as mechanics, automation, electrics, and design.

Since January 2019, Managing Director Patrick Chessari has extended and consolidated the company’s business activities, drawing on his industrial experience. His primary goal is to establish a consistent corporate culture, allowing the current and future staff to express their talents in providing the best possible customer service.

  • A fleet of service vehicles, one utility vehicle
  • A workshop of 1000 square meters, semi-trailer facility for loading and unloading
  • An overhead crane with a capacity of 15 metric tons
  • A machine pool that includes grinding
  • Manufacture of replacement pinion gears
  • Grinding, (manual and automated) scraping
  • Test plates 3500 X 2000 and 2000 X 1500 [mm]
  • Clamping force monitoring SA – HSK
  • A vibration test for pins
  • Electrical inclinometers
  • Basic material for geometry monitoring
  • Ballbar testing
  • Dollies and transportation equipment for machine relocation
  • A test bench for measurements
  • A Siemens development chain
  • A Heidenhain development chain
  • A Siemens 840D test bench
  • A Heidenhain iTNC 530 test bench
  • AUTOCAD and EPLAN for circuit diagrams

A team of ten qualified technicians and engineers provides on-site support to respond as quickly as possible to customers’ maintenance needs. Covering France, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxemburg, the support team is extremely mobile.

Owing to their high performance and expertise in many brands and professions, our technicians ensure the consistent reliability and availability of your machinery.

We have established a reputation for our punctuality, reliability, and flexible business hours.

Used machines

Used traditional or CNC machine tools

If you are looking for a used machine to round off your existing fleet, we either have it already or will source the one that best meets your needs.

For used machines, we offer the following regular services:

Expert opinion



Geometry adjustment and commissioning

Functional testing

Initial training

upon commissioning

Our inventory

Our inventory

Our customers

We are active in a wide range of sectors.

Since 1992, AZTEQUE has been serving numerous key customers in the following industries: 

Career opportunities

Working at Azteque Maintenance of Machine Tools

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