Mechanical and electronic refurbishment


Retrofitting or refurbishment may be an attractive, less costly alternative than investing in a new machine.

In many cases, customers are fully satisfied with the general configuration of a machine. However, it may be improved by installing new mechanical, electrical, or electronic equipment.

AZTEQUE guarantees the partial or complete refurbishment of mechanical components (renovation, geometry, mechanical modifications, scraping, hydraulic renovation etc.) and electric components (cabinets, numeric control, motorization, wiring), with the aim of:

  • Increasing the reliability of the means of production
  • Reinstalling or maintaining initial performance
  • Improving your tool and adapting it to new production conditions
  • Increasing the productivity and capacities of your tool
  • Adding new functions

Following the technical review and consultation with your operators and maintenance team, our specialists will give you a comprehensive overview of the action plan we recommend (including the technical benefits, profitability, deadlines).

The refurbishment or modernization will be carried out in compliance with CE guidelines and adapted to the characteristics of your machine.

Entrust the retrofit of your machines to AZTEQUE and benefit from our experience, capacities that are tailored to your industry, and increasingly sought-after expertise.